Meet Kim Koehler

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I have been a professional graphic designer and creative director for two decades. I used to put all my creativity into building other people’s dreams. When I lost one of my big clients, I decided to take a few months off and explore. I was burnt out, and I stumbled upon Bonnie’s course. I have never spent that amount of money on just myself. But I have also never been so excited to join something! 

I had used Illustrator for over 20 years but didn’t realize you could make patterns with it. When I took the Immersion course, I began to go on daily hikes and take loads of photos of all the blooms and collect foliage to bring home. I would arrange it, photograph it and play with all the art supplies I hoarded for over a decade and never touched.

After Immersion, I gave myself a year to explore my personal style and started joining a lot of Instagram challenges. Those challenges lead to my first licensing deals. My art is going to be featured in two calendars coming out in 2025 by Andrews McMeel Publishing. I also have a licensing deal with a company in France that is producing my work on postcards, journals and bookmarks to be sold in bookstores and gift shops around Europe starting in 2024! 

Since taking the course, I created my own website, opened a Spoonflower shop, started an Etsy store and began writing about “Looking for the Magic.” My big dream is to write a book that inspires people to find the magic in everyday life. I am going to spend this year pitching my artwork, building out my stores and working on my book. 

Immersion opened my eyes to the possibilities and inspired me. You will not change careers overnight, it takes time to find your style, do the work, and build your business. But if you map out a plan, it is possible one day at a time!