Meet Samantha Hedges

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Since I was in high school, I have worked in the education sector in some way, shape, or form. Taking the Immersion course is what moved me from being an employee of an educational organization to the owner of an education company. But my introduction to Immersion was the result of my love of fabric.

I grew interested in surface pattern design upon learning how to sew. I started following surface pattern designers on Instagram, starting with the designers of the fabric I was selling, to learn more about the field, and a revelation occurred: I, too, could design fabric. 

I was working full-time at a non-profit I had not planned on leaving while taking Immersion, but the non-profit began to struggle financially, and I got laid off. I was six months pregnant and without a job. 

The big question was: How do I work as a creative and stay in the field of education?

After taking Immersion and spending many days and weeks thinking and writing down ideas for how I could use my creativity to start a children’s book program, my business idea was born. With my loving husband's guidance and support, I decided to create a subscription box reading program for children. Specifically, a program that introduces children to classical literature and brings them the joy of opening a monthly subscription box.

Taking the Immersion course played a major role in the birth of this idea. I gained the Illustrator skills necessary to create the various components of the Young Wanderers program, but more than that, taking the course opened my eyes to the possibility of being a creative entrepreneur. I have always worked for someone else. Although I have been dedicated to the mission of the organizations I have served, I always wanted more—more of my ideas, more freedom to craft the work, more flexibility in how and when the work gets done. 

My possibilities seem endless. I am happy for this opportunity to share my story with the hope that it will inspire others who want to spend their life creating beautiful experiences for others.