Meet Cindi A Jobe

client-based fabric immersion course 2021 stationery united states

 + What were you doing before you started your journey with Surface Pattern Design?
I was a retired art teacher. I had also worked as a professional designer and former gallery owner. I was mostly taking on commissions in painting and interior design after moving to a small town 4 years ago. 

+ Why did you want to take the immersion course in the first place?
My first degree is in Professional Design and I have always loved wallpaper, fabric and stationary. I realized that now that I had time, I might want to focus in these areas as a designer. I was already following Bonnie Christine and finally decided to bite the bullet and take the course! 

+When you were considering joining the immersion course, what held you back?
I was having trouble affording it, so being able to pay over time really helped. 

+ What were you worried about before joining?
I had a great computer and iPad but was rusty in Illustrator. But I soon found out that it came back quickly! Bonnie is a great teacher! The course is laid out perfectly so that beginner, intermediate or advanced can all be in the same place. Brilliant. 

+ What changed after taking Immersion?
I felt more confident in my understanding of working in Illustrator and how my knowledge could be used to design in the surface pattern design world. I became excited about the possibilities. Maybe too many! 

+ What was the best part of the immersion course?
Truly meeting and working with my peer group. We stayed together and met weekly initially and then every other week all year. It kept me focused and accountable. Loved getting to know these gals! 

+ What is a skill you have acquired and cherish from being an Immersion student?
Honestly learning how to create a repeating pattern was top. It seems so simple now, but I was really clueless about it before. But secondly was learning to apply myself as an artist every day as if I was going off to a job. I had been less than dedicated before. This course helped me reengage with the professional aspect of my work ethic.  

+ What have you been able to accomplish since completing the Immersion Course?
I have created two collections. I have done a couple of commissions for clients. For one I used one of my designs cut from a sheet of metal using a plasma cutter. It turned out great! Another was a fabric design for a table runner. Another was a large garden dream catcher design that I created out of vines and wood. But the Celtic design was definitely inspired by work I was now able to do because of what I had learned in Bonnie’s course. I also created journals using my designs as well as tissue paper for packaging them. 

+ What would you say to somebody on the fence about joining the Immersion Course?
It is worth every penny. The course is great but so is the support system. You will meet lots of other artists and designers that will become your colleagues, friends and support system. The entire Bonnie Christine staff and online support is amazing. 

+ What’s on the horizon for you, what are you looking forward to?
I am just now settling in to restart a subscription service that I had done before called Rad Fresh Creative Journey. I am also finally readying some of my designs for Spoonflower. And by late this summer I plan to reopen a small version of my brick and mortar gallery in our carriage house. I plan to have my own work in prints, fine art, and home decor including wallpaper, pillows and fabric. Wish me luck! It is my BIG GOAL!