Meet Elena Bonanni

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I had worked as an architect for over 15 years when I discovered Bonnie through the 5-day challenge. I was in a pretty unhappy place professionally and was between children 2 and 3. I was asking myself a lot of questions about priorities, commitment, and how much time and energy I wanted to pour into my work.

Listening to Bonnie talk about pattern design and the possibilities of a career in it completely lit a fire in me. I have never been particularly entrepreneurial, but in a very short time, I started feeling like having my own creative business could actually be an option, that I could learn the skills required and do the work.

The 2 main hurdles were cost and self-doubt. I was also still slightly embarrassed about talking to anyone about this dream (including my partner). For a very long time, my whole life had been devoted to architecture, and I was uncomfortable talking about my desire to do something else with my life.

Soon after finishing Immersion, I went back to work, and I had to adjust to managing three little kids, work, and my new endeavor. Immersion completely changed my approach, made me more confident, and opened my eyes to the power of little steps.

I truly loved the course itself (I am a bit of a nerd…) and the mighty community, the ability to get feedback from the experts, and constant support. The level of Illustrator knowledge is incredible, and I have tried to absorb Bonnie’s mindset based on abundance, positivity, and hard work.

Considering my life limitations, I am very happy about where I am now. I have started selling my designs on Spoonflower, participating in their challenges, and starting to investigate POD options for products.

I know the investment can be significant but the amount of learning is incredible! You are not only learning software skills but also business skills, art skills, mindset skills…so much more! I am better in my day job because of the things I learned during Immersion and I am happier. So I feel like I am a better human being overall.