Meet Heather Beam

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Bonnie's warm heart really shines through. Her positivity and encouragement were so very valuable to my wobbly mindset as a brand new emerging artist. 

From 2015 to 2020, I had my own interior design business.  While I loved certain aspects of that work, I realized I had ventured into interior design because it was a creative field that felt acceptable and more ‘responsible’ than being an artist. All my life, I’ve held deep within my heart the desire to paint and to be an artist, but this was never felt acceptable. I took Immersion because I promised myself that 2022 was the year I was going to explore being an artist, in any and all forms.

I was very intrigued and kind of blown away by the possibilities of surface pattern design. If anything held me back from doing Immersion, it was the cost initially.  I was worried that I would commit to this financially, but it would never ‘produce.’  What I came to realize — even though I’m still a novice with Illustrator and I’m not a surface pattern designer (yet!) — is that Immersion did wonders for my confidence and my artist mindset.  It taught me that being a creative entrepreneur is not only a real thing but a very respectable and honorable profession.  

At the end of 2021, I heard loud and clear that 2022 was the year that painting was to be a discipline for me versus a hobby. I was going to become an artist who knows her signature style and put my work out into the world for the very first time. 

Ten seconds of courage was a tactic I applied time and time again when I submitted my work for consideration. I completed three collections of large, mixed-media intuitive abstracts and pitched my work many times. This resulted in my work being featured in two art shows and two collections of large pieces being displayed in two restaurants. I also sold my first piece and painted my first commission in 2022. It’s all just more than I could’ve ever asked or imagined for my first year as an artist!  

I think my story is a valuable one for new Immersion students to hear because it shows that Immersion brings value to all creatives and artists, not just surface designers. Immersion does wonders for its students’ mindsets, their ability to overcome imposter syndrome and to see and experience the true warmth and love of the creative community. I would encourage anyone to check out Immersion — I actually have recommended it several times!  It instilled bravery in my heart and made me think, “I can do this!”