Meet Jennifer Murphy

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My name is Jennifer Murphy, and I am an artist living in South Florida. I am a Florida licensed interior designer, and at the time I found Bonnie Christine, I was working for a company designing restaurant interiors. In addition to working full-time, I am also a mom to 2 teenage boys and a furry child. 

When I first came across the Immersion course, I was intrigued by the idea of using my creativity and love for art as a way to earn a living. I wanted the financial, location and time freedom that Bonnie talked about. The only thing that held me back from signing up immediately was the monetary investment, but then I realized how much I would learn and the hard skills I would gain. 

I enrolled in Immersion 2023 and was so inspired- I knew I had found a new profession where I could use my creativity and prosper.  

The highlight of my experience in Immersion was the invaluable guidance provided by Bonnie's instructional videos on Adobe Illustrator. Bonnie’s expertise, passion, and dedication to teaching created a learning environment that was both inspiring and supportive. I was also amazed at the profound shift in perspective it brought about. 

I  found it very difficult to build a side business at the same time as working full-time days and momming in the evening. But as I’ve learned, sometimes you just have to do it scared - so I gave notice at my job in October 2023. 

I am writing this on my 1st day of being unemployed, and I am beyond excited! I am an entrepreneur - I can finally completely focus on turning my dreams into reality.

I am forever grateful for the skills, inspiration and confidence that Bonnie Christine’s Immersion course has provided me - not to mention the resources and support that she and her team have provided.

If you are on the fence about joining the Immersion Course, just trust your gut - take the leap - signing up for this course and investing the time to learn will change your life.