Meet Katie Manktelow

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What were you doing before you started your journey with Surface Pattern Design?
Before I started my surface pattern design journey I was working full time in an office, but knew that really it was not what I wanted. I had tried lots of creative avenues but nothing that really clicked. When I found out about surface pattern design my heart lit up and I knew it was what I wanted to peruse. 

Why did you want to take the immersion course in the first place?
I took the immersion course so that I could skill up in illustrator and really to give myself the confidence to move forward - and boy did Immersion deliver.

When you were considering joining the immersion course, what held you back? 
At first I was nervous about the financial commitment but after saving up for it I let myself think of immersion as investment in myself. It was worth every penny for the confidence, skills and lasting friendships I have made. 

What changed after taking Immersion? 
After taking immersion I have gone on to build three fabric collections. Bonnie gave me to tools and a workflow for how to focus and create work in collections. I have built an online presence on social media and built my own website. 

What was the best part of the immersion course?
Connecting with the community and my peer group who I still meet with weekly two years after taking the course. Having a community of likeminded people helps me strive to reach my goals not feel alone on the journey. It really makes all the difference to connect with other would have similar goals. You help each other to stay on track and reach them. 

What would you say to somebody on the fence about joining the Immersion Course? 
I would tell anyone thinking about joining immersion that if your thinking about it, that probably means you have the spark that is needed to do it. Go for it because Bonnie will hold your hand through the learning process and break everything down into easy and understandable steps. Finally, you have so much beauty inside and it's all waiting to come out of you. Bonnie and the immersion course can show you how!

What’s on the horizon for you, what are you looking forward to?
I'm pitching to companies and hope that 2022 is my year to be licensed.