Meet Larimie "Xhico" Garcia

+ Before the Immersion Course, I was self-employed as a Creative Director and Designer. 

+ I wanted to take the Immersion Course because I love doing deep dives into learning new skills to expand my creative practice. I had created patterns before, but wanted to make sure to learn as much as I could from Bonnie. Though, I was attracted to the SPD course after SkillShare classes with Bonnie, I was more fascinated by her approach to creating an education empire and how she was connecting all the dots in marketing. As a creative I'm constantly observing how things work (the bones behind the flesh) and was so intrigued by Bonnie's intelligence.

+ When I considering joining Immersion, not much held me back. I did wonder as an experienced creative how much I would get out of it and if it would be worth it for me. It was! 

+ After taking Immersion, I successfully started including Surface Design as a part of my branding packages for my brand design clients. Bonnie also help me gain the confidence to build an educational component to my business and share knowledge from my life as a designer and creative.

+ The best part of Immersion was getting an inside look at Bonnie's collection building process. Bonnie's insight to the world of SPD is valuable to anyone thinking of working in the industry.

+ After Immersion, I honed my pattern building abilities and I've been able to leverage SPD into my existing design practices in many ways. I've also embraced building an email list, something I resisted for many years, but has already proved it's tremendous value in connecting with my community.

+ Since completing the Immersion Course, I have sold pattern designs to my clients, built a new website and portfolio featuring my pattern work. I've also crossed over into the world of online education and have introduced my own courses on Kajabi.

+ If you're an experience designer and are thinking "I already know Illustrator, I don't need this course", it will still help you hone your AI skills, learn new workflows, and help you get your head around creating an entire collection.

+ In 2022, I'm organizing a SPD Retreat to Oaxaca, Mexico. I'll also be working with SkillShare on a logotype class launching February 28th. I'll also be adding to my creative courses with the goal of launching a membership at the year's end. I'm looking forward to putting my SPD work in the hands of art directors and getting my worked licensed in the first quarter of 2022.