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Meet Renée White

advanced user canada client-based fine art full-time creative graphic design illustration immersion course 2021 mom

My creative journey began many years ago. I have been a graphic designer for more than twenty years creating projects ranging from retail advertising, branding, newspaper publications, and design for film and television. Five years ago I started a small communications and design agency with my husband. Throughout the years I have never lost my love for creating linocut print artwork that began in art college. 

When I discovered Surface Pattern Design in 2021, I knew I had found the perfect way to blend my design skills with my passion for printmaking. Even though it was a significant financial investment and a bit of a gamble, I enrolled in Bonnie Christine's Immersion course to learn how to make repeat patterns and gain insight into the Surface Pattern Design world. I was nervous about taking more time away from my children to pursue my dream, but I decided to take the plunge. I have never been part of a network of like-minded creative entrepreneurs, so I was thrilled to find a community of people in Immersion who had similar interests and career goals. Bonnie's heartfelt dedication to teaching and sharing her knowledge was apparent from the first Immersion lesson. I knew I had made the right decision.

The encouragement, guidance, and skills I learned during Immersion have inspired me to make big steps forward into transitioning from a graphic designer to an illustrator and surface pattern designer. The Illustrator skills I learned in Immersion have helped me streamline my creative process with linocuts and pushed me to take risks and develop my signature style. I joined Flourish after Immersion to keep the momentum going. 

Since completing Immersion in 2021, I have updated my website with photos from my branding photoshoot. I have finished creating three surface pattern design collections, built a portfolio I am proud of, refined my Instagram page to better reflect and promote my signature style, and started pitching my work to publishers, art agents and art directors. I have had my artwork and surface patterns published in Uppercase Magazine twice (which has been a goal of mine for many years), completed an illustration project for a book, and been commissioned to create artwork for an event and product packaging. 

My advice for someone who is considering signing up for Immersion is: DO IT! Take a chance, invest in yourself and immerse yourself in the opportunity to develop your creative gifts. You will not regret it.

I am currently working to develop a line of products featuring my artwork and surface pattern designs. My dream to sell bespoke products through unique, local shops as well as my Etsy store. I also plan to continue building on other revenue streams I have created through Creative Market. Signing a licensing deal for wallpaper and stationery is one of my biggest goals this year as well as finding an art agent to represent me and my work. I am "all in" for taking my business to the next level this coming year. Sharing my journey with Bonnie Christine and her team as well as the incredible community I am so lucky to be part of has been an amazing experience. I am very excited to see where my creative journey takes me next. I would not be where I am today if I had not taken the Immersion 2021 class.