Meet Sue Krizman

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I remembered working as an in-house marketing creative director for a wallpaper company in the late 1990s. While there, I kept peeking into the textile department with fascination, but I kept to my marketing focus. The creative engagement with the artists and licensed artists remained with me for decades. It was the unspoken dream in my heart to create art for home décor – although I didn’t even know it was called “surface pattern design” at that time. I kept it close to my heart and continued building a great career in advertising supporting my family, winning awards, and coaching and teaching young creatives.

Before I learned about the Immersion course, I was in a transitional season of my life and needed something new for myself. When I found Bonnie Christine’s Immersion course, the dream of creating art for home décor rose up in my heart. Signing up for the class was a leap of faith, opening a door to an industry that was new to me and creating a skill set that was the necessary foundation for what was to come.

Immersion allowed me to be vulnerable to making strides. Through encouragement and support from the Immersion team, I stepped onto this path of redefining my focus and pursuing a dream long in the making. Immersion taught me not only how to make patterns but pointed me down the right path for launching an entirely new career!

Shortly after beginning the Immersion course, I was struck by the supportive community that Bonnie had created. It meant the world to me to feel supported and encouraged. I was told with genuine truth that “there is room for me”. Along with the invaluable technical Adobe Illustrator skills I had acquired, I also had a new sense of confidence in my abilities, my style, and my place in this industry.

Since graduating from the Immersion Course this past Spring, I have created my LLC, launched my website, created my portfolio, and acquired 4 licensing agreements. I can hardly believe the growth as I write this. It has been an amazing year - all stemming from what I learned in the Immersion course!

I am now looking forward with confidence and enthusiasm to building my business, licensing more of my work, and giving back! I plan to offer services to critique portfolios and support artists looking to improve.