Meet Aline Doornhof

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Back in 2018 I was moving towards my 50th birthday. Looking back I was not really satisfied with my working life. I had been an English teacher for 20 years and although there were many good things about this job I was missing something. In my teens and early 90s my dream had been becoming a fashion/children's books' illustrator and I was accepted into Art School. However, I quit in the 3rd year. I had had a hard time personally, was insecure and needed a change.

I thought I'd keep art as a hobby and did the odd course here and there but it was very much in the background. In 2018 I finally decided that I needed, craved, art back in my life and in a prominent position. I googled and came across SPD and Bonnie Christine. I immediately thought that this sounded great and sent an email to find out more. Bonnie was so supportive and I have never regretted signing up.

I was excited and took it very seriously. I did not know Ai and it was a steep learning curve but it felt so great to be back in the creative world. What also helped enormously was the warm community. I have always loved meeting people from all over the world and to meet them this way was a big plus. We helped and encouraged each other and I am still in regular contact with a group I met through Bonnie. The best skill I learnt was Ai and making patterns in Ai. I am so proud of myself because of it.

The very best thing for sure is being back in the world of art, it is now a big part of my life and I am not quitting ever! I have not had many commercial successes (yet) but am not giving up. I had many personal successes and they are very important to me. I am finishing my first website in January. My ultimate goal is getting licensed but learning new skills (Procreate, Ai, Photoshop, SPD) and surrounding myself with pen, paint, ink and amazingly supportive fellow artists is already a huge reward. Watch this space!