Meet Delores Naskrent

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It chokes me up to share about my journey in the past 5 years:

I retired a few months early from being a full-time high school teacher to take care of my husband who was fighting cancer. During this time, I discovered the world of surface pattern design, which I saw as the missing piece in my creative journey. After stumbling upon Bonnie's work on Skillshare, I became eager to learn from her and other talented teachers on the platform. Although I was already teaching surface pattern design, I was self-taught and felt that there was much more for me to learn. I was also in the process of mastering Procreate and Affinity Designer and teaching others how to use these programs.

As I continued working on various projects for the gift industry, I began receiving requests to include fabric coordinates. Encouraged by this opportunity, I decided to invest in Immersion 2022, even though the cost initially took me by surprise. At that time, I was also dealing with my own cancer diagnosis, which further motivated me to make the most of my time. I believed that Bonnie would be the ideal teacher to guide me efficiently and help me learn from an industry expert. Although it seemed like a financial risk, especially with the added expenses of our frequent travels for treatments, I was determined to push forward.

To my surprise, joining Immersion provided not only invaluable knowledge but also a supportive community. It turned out to be the best investment I had ever made for myself. I wasted no time and immediately began working on my pattern collections, benefiting from the structured course Bonnie provided. Drawing from my existing experience in the field and as a Skillshare teacher, I discovered that many of the lessons I learned in Immersion could be applied to my educational endeavors as well. Remarkably, I even started my own school from my hospital bed, providing a welcome distraction from my health issues. Teaching others allowed me to solidify my understanding of the subject matter significantly.

Following my completion of Immersion, I launched a Spoonflower shop with a collection of over 400 patterns. I am still preparing my portfolio and feel I can pitch confidently now. The more I have learned, the more I am able to impart to aspiring designers. In fact, I have now taught approximately 50,000 students through my Skillshare classes and in my personal school. It has been my pleasure to introduce Bonnie to my little world through affiliate marketing for her.

Of all the skills I gained from Immersion, I hold the ability to think creatively and unconventionally in pattern design most dear. Despite considering myself an expert in Adobe Illustrator, a tool I had utilized for three decades, Immersion helped me find my niche in designing repeat patterns. My work is not like Bonnie’s, per se, and I am glad I could apply what I learned with her to my own style. Now, I thoroughly enjoy creating patterns using five different software programs, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo. This versatility enables me to meet students where they are.

When reflecting on my most significant achievement, I can confidently say that my school's success is at the top of the list. Because I have successfully affiliated with both Bonnie and Stacie Bloomfield, I am incredibly grateful for the impact they have had on my career. I often find myself praising their guidance and the positive effects they've had on my own journey. If anyone is hesitant about joining Immersion, I credit a lot of my current business achievements to Bonnie’s teachings. Slowly but surely, I am implementing the valuable advice she has shared into my creative practice, leading to great results. If I could meet her, I would give her such a big hug. I’d have to hug her because I would be too choked up to talk! Thanks so much Bonnie. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.