Meet Karen Mastriacovo

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For the past 30 years, I've worked as a children's clothing designer. After losing my job due to corporate restructuring, I realized I did not want to work in that kind of environment any longer. I started teaching Illustrator to fashion students at a college nearby to supplement my income, and once in a blue moon I'd get a freelance project in kidswear. 

When I came across Bonnie, I instantly felt drawn to her warmth and her kind and generous spirit. Having utilized Illustrator in my design career and teaching the program, there was a part of me that worried the Immersion course might be redundant. I couldn't have been more wrong. I learned new ways of doing things, and on top of all that was the business content. 

My absolute favorite part of the course was the community. Everyone from Bonnie's team to the alumni & fellow students was simply fantastic. I found it to be so uplifting that I joined Flourish to continue on with these wonderful people.

Since the Immersion course, I've started to build my creative business. To date I've completed 2 collections with a third in the works, I filed a DBA and created a logo & website, copyrighted my work, and opened a Spoonflower shop. I'm currently working on my portfolio and getting ready to pitch for a licensing deal.

If someone is on the fence about taking this course I'd have to say, if you can find a way, do it.  If you want to learn Illustrator, how to become a surface pattern designer, and how to become a creative entrepreneur, this is definitely the place to be. My dream goal is to have a creative business that fully supports me financially while allowing me the freedom to work when I want from wherever I want. Immersion has shown me that this goal is attainable as long as I stay focused and do the work. I'm going for it!