Meet Melissa Lee

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I have always loved drawing and any kind of arts and crafts. Growing up, art classes were my favorite in school, and that never changed all the way up through college where I majored in Studio Art with a focus in Digital Art. As many can relate, though, I graduated without knowing what I wanted to do with art professionally. I felt lost, but I also still had a huge desire to keep learning and improving my art skills. 

I was about ready to forgo a career involving illustration altogether, but then I made my first repeating pattern, and I knew it could be a real avenue for me to succeed in a creative career. 

I had never before felt so excited or motivated to go after such a big dream, and so much of that was thanks to Bonnie. When she launched Immersion in 2018, I scraped together the funds for it and jumped on the opportunity to enroll. 

Since taking Immersion, I quit my day job, became a full-time artist, and best of all, signed on as a fabric designer for Riley Blake Designs. I have two fabric collections out so far, with more in the works, and I’m absolutely living my dreams. 

Immersion has taught me so many amazing technical skills, but most of all, it’s empowered and encouraged me to follow my BIGGEST dreams, and it gave me the tools and confidence I needed to succeed at them. I consider Bonnie one of my greatest personal mentors, and I fully believe that I would not be where I am now if I hadn't stumbled across her teaching back in 2015, and eventually taken Immersion.

I want people who may be scared of considering their art dreams viable to have the same experience I had when discovering Bonnie and taking Immersion. I want people to experience the huge confidence boost and the excitement of realizing that maybe their goals are possible after all. Immersion has taught me to believe that with enough passion, practice, and perseverance, they absolutely are.