Meet Nasreen Hassan

australia beginner immersion course 2020 pod side hustle

I had studied some design at college and was looking for a direction to take it before i started my journey with Surface Pattern Design. I wanted to take the Immersion course to learn how to use Illustrator & understand it, create patterns in it, become confident using it, and mostly how to be a Surface Pattern Designer. B

efore joining Immersion I was worried I’d be taking yet another course and won’t see results. Of course, this is not the case! As soon as I started the course I could tell this was different. It had practical steps and mindset hacks that were helping me progress.

The best part of the Immersion course was really Bonnie almost literally holding our hands through each step as well as the hands on support from the awesome team. A skill I have acquired and cherish from being an Immersion student is creating a repeat tile in Illustrator! It’s something i can create in my mind now. It gives me confidence. Even though my style of painting and creating requires me to create in Photoshop knowing Illustrator is a skill that gives me confidence as a SPD.

Since completing the Immersion course I have created my very own design that is now featuring on products on POD websites like Society6, & Redbubble. In 2021 I convinced a friend of mine sitting on the fence about joining Immersion, that it is the most hands on & concise programme to join if she wants to be a surface pattern designer. You get more than lessons, you get insight, the right mindset, a supportive team, a student body to cheer each other on, as well as a roadmap towards achieving your goals. And the best part is we have long term access to the course content. It’s something I revisit regularly.

On the horizon for me this year is creating a pattern collection and building my portfolio as well as doing live painting online painting sessions as a way to create community and practice mindfulness.