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"Bonnie opened doors for me that I never knew were possible. She opened my mind to what I can achieve with my life."  – Mable Tan

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Bonnie’s positivity and voice helped to reignite my passion and love of art and that’s everything to me.
– Cecily McCraw
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"Immersion took all the overwhelm out of Illustrator for me."
– Clea Broad
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Meet Jessica Rose

After Immersion, I was able to do something I never thought possible - make money from my art! My entire outlook has changed along with my brand and future career goals.

I worked on several collections since graduation and pitched to Moda Fabrics, they sent over a contract almost immediately! My first fabric collection should be released summer/fall of 2024, and I can't believe how it all came to be...

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Meet Delores Naskrent

To my surprise, joining Immersion provided not only invaluable knowledge but also a supportive community. It turned out to be the best investment I had ever made for myself.

It chokes me up to share about my journey in the past 5 years:
I retired a few months early from being a full-time high school teacher to take care of my husband who was fighting cancer...

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Meet Lauren Lozano

Before this course, I felt like I didn't have a direction. I knew I wanted to live a creative life and have my own business, but I had no idea where or how to begin. Bonnie opened up my eyes to a whole new world, the dream that had been patiently waiting for me to see...

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Meet Melissa Johnson

I would not have believed I would be here if anyone would have told me 2 years ago. The confidence that came from learning the basics from creating patterns, critiquing my own work, file set up, marketing, portfolio building etc., has been integral to my growing success in surface design...

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Ann Silberlicht

My 60th birthday was coming up, and I thought, “It’s now or never. Do it already!” I’m so glad I did! Even though I’ve been a graphic designer for 20 years, Bonnie taught me to love using Illustrator. I just signed my first licensing deal for a fabric collection, which will come out in Summer 2024!

Ivy Conner

Reflecting on the past year, I can’t believe how much I’ve accomplished with just a few hours a week. I no longer hesitate to call myself an artist. This course was a catalyst for me. Immersion is how I started to take my big dreams seriously.

LaTisha Brown

The best part of the Immersion course was the interactions with the Bonnie Christine staff and community. Creative work can be so isolating sometimes, and the energy that they all brought was like a breath of fresh air.

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"The best part of the Immersion Course for me is Bonnie’s teaching and the support from the experts and guides."

I benefited greatly from other people's questions and answers in the community. I have learned to use Adobe Illustrator to create artwork and patterns, which has been a game changer. Since my Immersion course, I launched my Spoonflower shop and, recently, my own e-commerce website. This year, I look forward to learning all the online business skills, creating more art and designs, and growing my business!

Jun Shu
"Immersion is life-changing."

It is an information-dense, encouraging, empowering, whirlwind doozy of a class. There is well worth $2K of information in there, and then some. Worth every penny, for what I've gained.

Riley McDonald
"The Immersion Course got me hired at an in-house design job!"

From the moment I got Bonnie's free surface design guide I knew with all of my heart that I needed to take this course. I was shocked at the price, but I realized I had never invested myself in such a way before.

After Immersion, I was able to quit my government job of 5 years and got a job as an in-house designer that almost doubled my family's income. I have been licensed with a dream brand and I am slowly working to be able to create a sustainable business.

Jackie Mendoza

Bonnie Jennings

Immersion taught me the skills and gave me the tools to be the artist I had been too scared for years to be.

Tiffany Rice

Immersion taught me so many ways that I could show up as a fashion and design creative. It really spoke to my entrepreneurial spirit.

Karissa Schulten

[Immersion] has taken the guesswork out of building a business and given me a roadmap to build upon.

Annabelle Henry

I didn’t expect it, but my life looks and feels completely different today than it did last year. It was a truly transforming experience.

Dora Cuenca

"I finally decided I couldn’t do it all. I didn’t want to teach myself Illustrator ... I wanted to learn from someone and Bonnie’s teaching style and her dedication to educating others in the world of surface design and being their biggest cheerleader made it a no brainer."

erin mcgovern

"This course is well-paced and embraces you the entire way. You always feel supported and validated by Bonnie, her team, and your fellow members. It is a fantastic experience. Within minutes of the first lesson, I knew I had made the right investment."

Meghann Rader

"Putting yourself out there is a scary thing, but within a month of taking Bonnie's class I had learned Adobe Illustrator and created my first fabric collection. But most important of all, I had confidence in myself and my abilities."

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Meet Carissa Bordeleau

Before I started my journey with surface pattern design, I was painting, illustrating, and trying to find my ultimate creative outlet. I explored surface design through some of Bonnie’s other lessons and was motivated to learn more of Bonnie’s best practices.

The price of the Immersion Course held me back the first year, but it was well worth it once I took the course. I’ve acquired advanced Illustrator skills and cherish the supportive Immersion community. . .

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Meet Vivi Furlong

The main reason I took the course was to be able to learn how to license my designs and at the same time launch myself into creating patterns.

After taking Immersion, I not only created 3 collections of my own, but I also made a collection with my 10-year-old daughter. I made 2 portfolios, I launched two lines of planners, sketchbooks, and notebooks, and I began to feel very confident and started pitching.

I got two wall decor licenses and . . . 

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Meet Betsy Mitten

I've always loved fabric and sewing, and studied Textiles and Fibers at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago long before digital surface pattern design existed. I’d never been able to figure out how to create digital patterns or the tech on my own… after seeing a post about Bonnie’s Immersion, I signed up immediately!

There have been so many positive changes since I took Immersion. First, I learned Adobe Illustrator (amazing!!) and was introduced to a wonderful supportive and creative community - many of whom have become great friends...

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Meet Eleanor Chin

The Immersion Course has been a transformative journey for me in 2020. During that time, I had moved to London from Malaysia for a short period following my husband and took a career break from education.

I felt fulfilled conquering the learning curve of Illustrator, gaining the confidence to tackle challenging tasks. This shift in mindset led me to transition from the education field to pursue my passion for art...

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The passion and energy coming from the group make me feel so at home and welcomed!

Tanya J. de Wet

With each interaction across the Immersion Course, the comments, the community & the team's correspondence, I felt heard, valued, and respected by my peers and role models.

Jane | Just Jane Arts

Immersion was a big investment in myself, but it was so worth it! It made me more confident as an artist and showed me all these other opportunities that I didn't know existed before.

Marni Weaver

Taking Immersion gave me confidence in all areas of my art, not just Illustrator.

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"The Immersion Course inspired me to be creative again."

...I would encourage anybody that is on the fence about joining to invest in yourself and your journey of learning and growing. You are worth it.

Suyin McCaskill 
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"Bonnie & my classmates have given me confidence, support and initiative to add surface pattern design to my income streams. "

I enrolled in Immersion with no art training, no experience using Illustrator and a preconceived notion that I couldn’t draw. I’ve learned more in a year than a lifetime. The way I do business and view myself as an artist has changed completely.

Nancy Scott
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"The best part of Immersion was getting an inside look at Bonnie's collection building process."

After taking Immersion, I successfully started including Surface Design as a part of my branding packages for my brand design clients. Bonnie also help me gain the confidence to build an educational component to my business and share knowledge from my life as a designer and creative.

Larimie "Xhico" Garcia
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Stephanie Roche

My 4 year degree in Studio Art doesn't even come close to what I have learned with Bonnie. 

Zhay Smith

One of the best parts of Immersion is the community, there are kind people from all walks of life who cheer you on and support you all along the way.

Debby Lightman Casher

It is surreal to see my dreams coming true. Something I never thought possible was made possible by believing in myself & trusting in Bonnie's program. 

Betsy Mitten

The Q & A's, support team and my Peer Group meant there was never a question that went unanswered.

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Rebecca Smith

Immersion was so immersive and comprehensive. It felt like a college course, but in my most favorite subject and with no pressure or finals!

Jessie Hobbs

Taking Immersion has been the single best investment I've made in my business! . . . My only regret was not finding this course earlier. 

Genna Blackburn

After Immersion 2020, I put a website and portfolio together, started pitching to clients, and signed three licensing contracts within the year!


Student Stories of Success

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Mable Tan

I love Bonnie's light and positivity and the Immersion community. Her realness and honesty keep me moving forward and allow me to dream big dreams. I'm still in touch with people that I took the Immersion course with in 2018.

Stavrina Devetzoglou Toliou

Discovering surface pattern design in late 2022 was like stepping into a vibrant, unknown world. Trusting the process and the supportive team, I embarked on this creative journey. Today, I can confidently say there hasn't been a single day of regret.

Sophia Lataille

Aside from the people, the biggest thing I took away from Immersion was a new mindset. From this course, I learned how to set big goals, have big dreams, and actually do the WORK to accomplish them!

I'm Ready, Let's Go!
"Surface pattern designing is not my expertise, but taking the Immersion course and participating in Flourish has been life-altering!"

My personal ‘immersion’ was more with the wealth of resources and the feeling of community! There is a focus on beauty and optimism, and an essence of grace and ease that will allow you to find the stillness you need to access your own, personal creativity, talents, and potential. 

Mikell Youell Worley
"I love the way Bonnie talks and affirms my creative mind and heart. "

Before Immersion, my creative ambition was desolate from Covid. Bonnie showing up as herself brought me to life and pushed me into a new purpose.

Since Immersion 2022, I have filled sketchbooks with my heart’s desire, debuted my new knowledge and skills at my day job, and found new meaning as a creative. This year, I hope to bring all those sketches to life and further develop the skills to connect with other creatives and make all our hope and dreams come to life.

Caitlin Laura Martucci
"Immersion was an amazing class."

Bonnie didn’t assume I knew anything, so she didn’t skip any steps or rush through parts of AI and surface pattern design. Her lessons were not only produced at a top-notch professional level but the support available to answer any question I had throughout the class was unbelievable.

Thank you Bonnie for taking me on this journey into the world of surface pattern design. It has been worth every penny!"

Jennifer Knight

Josie Adams

Bonnie has been with me every step of the way. She is so supportive, and without her guidance, I'm not certain I would be where I am today in my business. I am so excited to be making money doing what I love, and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me!

Patty Basemi

"I have learned more in this course than I did in a whole year in college studying graphic design. Immersion literally changed everything for me."

darlene brink

If you have had a dream of seeing your artwork on products, I would encourage you to take Immersion. You would truly be getting more than what you ever imagined. 

Meet Sherri Smith

Meet Karissa Schulten

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Meet Suyin McCaskill

Meet Elina Parhomenko

Meet Yolanda Garza

Meet Brandie Cazimero-Ornellas

Meet Betsy Mitten

Ready to move from DREAMING to DOING?

Create income from your artwork with a hobby that you love. Hello, side hustle!

Design a life and career that gives you time, location and financial freedom. Hello, full time designer!

You’re in the right place.

I'm ready, Let's go!

Rosa Veliky

To someone on the fence about taking this course ... if the thought of it lights you up or makes you nervous, do it. You’re worth this and so much more.

Isabel Wilder

Taking Immersion has opened a door to a world of possibilities that I did not know existed. It has shifted my mind to move my business forward and helped me to have bigger goals.

Anna Petrie

The Immersion Course opened the door to surface design, a better understanding of my own creativity, and how I can use it in the world for my own continued happiness and growth.

Stacie Green

Bonnie is kind-hearted and generous and that is evident in the course material.

"The greatest takeaway from Immersion was seeing myself as an artist and breathing more life into that part of who I am. "

I also made some great friendships in Immersion. I still love connecting with them on social media, cheering one another on, and connecting over real-life topics that transcend design. 

Aubrey Tate
" I had an itch to re-establish my creative roots, but was not sure where to start... "

I was initially hesitant as I didn't have Illustrator experience, and it was a big investment, but hearing Bonnie's story and the success of so many others like me pushed me to take the leap. And I am SO beyond glad I did! Since taking Immersion, I have made 100's of patterns, including created 3-solid collections I feel super jazzed about. I've also turned my designs into real products that are successfully selling through my Etsy shop.

Brittany Wronka
"I stumbled upon Bonnie’s classes and it was a completely eye opener!"

 I researched about the Surface design and it was never heard of in India. I came across Immersion course and was convinced this would be great idea to start... I bought the course on my birthday as gift for myself and I am so happy I did! 

Jackie Mendoza
"Before joining Immersion I was worried I’d be taking yet another course and won’t see results. Of course, this is not the case!"

As soon as I started the course I could tell this was different. It had practical steps and mindset hacks that were helping me progress. The best part of the Immersion course was really Bonnie almost literally holding our hands through each step as well as the hands on support from the awesome team.

Nasreen Hassan 
" I had no clue how to make patterns digitally or how to get my patterns from paper to repeat seamlessly digitally."

Taking Immersion helped me learn exactly that... In Immersion I not only loved Bonnie's systematic and thorough teaching style but also having the community of like minded students as well as the possibility to go through the course at my own pace.

Ali Baecker
"After taking the course I felt confident and secure to start pitching ..."

 The best part of the course how supportive was Bonnie's team and also to be part of a wonderful community. I have always felt the SPD community is so open and friendly.

Laura Hernandez

Mandy McMaster

When taking Immersion I felt nurtured and supported by the community and Bonnie's team ... I truly consider myself an artist and surface pattern designer now.  

Cheryl Steffen

I would highly recommend the Immersion Course to anyone wanting to learn Illustrator and create surface patterns. There are so many pathways to take with these skills and having the lessons available to reference even after the course is over has been worth every penny.

Lissie Teehee

I want to tell everyone, you can do this too. Being able to lean in to the experience of industry leaders like Bonnie is truly priceless. Being able to take your creativity and make a living with it is priceless.

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